Our enterprise application. Groundbreaking!

Our enterprise application is all you need for your business to analyze road and street level data with the ability export vital road information and derive actionable insights!

From a bird’s eye view to in depth analysis, the possibilities are endless.

Our proprietary algorithm is able to use machine learning and artificial intelligence to classify all types of road defects and other features. 


Visualize Roads

With a bird’s eye view, visualize entire neighborhoods or metropolitan areas and identify key road and street information.

Explore In Depth

Exclusive to our enterprise application, explore visually, your road network in detail.

Analyze It

With our drag-and-drop interface, export road data for detailed analytics. Identify missing road and street information that's not currently available. 

Potential Use Cases

Navigation Systems

Mapping providers can use our road and street level data to fill in data currently not available through aerial view. 

Location Intelligence

Enterprise customers can use our data to provide location based intelligence. Our API is integrated with map service providers and our layer of road and street data.


HD street dimension maps with our image data and LiDAR is India’s first step to ADAS and autonomous driving.

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