Road and street level data on your mobile.

Our RoadMetrics navigation app will provide you with alerts based on information extracted from our software.


Our app, a game changer!

Our game changing app is completely customizable and takes into account your mode of transport and a suggested route based on road and street level information and accessibility. Just need alerts as you navigate across? Use drive mode! Our app runs in the background and give you alerts as you approach danger zones. By being a part of our community, you contribute in keeping our map real time!


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Customize It

Choose your preferred mode of transport and your choice of alerts. Our app will able to provide you with a customized solution for you.

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Route It

Our app will provide you with route options by road and street level information based on your mode of transport, saving you unnecessary hassle.

Alerts For You

Based on your preference, our app will provide you with voice and vibration alerts as you approach speed breakers and other impediments.

Our marketplace.

Over 2500 kms of
roads covered

Our ground fleet has covered over 1000 Km of roads in India and will have a network of over 10,000 Km by the end of 2020.

Be a part of our growing community

By being a part of our growing community of riders, you help us crowdsource road data and help our network grow.

Earn money by contributing to our platform

We're constantly looking to expand our reach. Earn rewards points and money through our paid projects. 

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