Technology based road mapping

RoadMetrics provides a way to accurately map road information at scale.


Why RoadMetrics?

Access to imagery based road data

Easily access our imagery road and street data and contribute to our growing repository using our marketplace

Identify features with ground level data

Using ground level imagery data, identify features that are not accessible using aerial pictures

Computer vision AI to automate identification

Our software uses the latest computer vision AI based technology to speed up the process of identification road and street information

The RoadMetrics Advantage

High accuracy & precision

Our state-of-the-art AI algorithm delivers over 95% accuracy in detecting various types of road and street data.

A smartphone—all that's needed

A simple smartphone is all that's needed. Portable. Practical. 

Built on community

Our community of riders help us in keeping our maps updates with worldwide reach. 

Our system
detects it all.

Our system detects all road and street level features using our AI based algorithm. Road surface details, street assets, informatory signs and much more. 

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Analyze roads
in aerial view.

Our classification results are used to create data rich maps that empowers you with a bird's eye perspective of your road network.

Our Investor


RoadMetrics is a 100X.VC funded company, our first institutional investor. We were part of Class 01, 2019 with 100X.